Questions For September 1st, 2009

1 09 2009

We Are The Web:

  • Applying the notion that the Web is now based on passion and societal interest, why is it that Google saw enough value in YouTube that they invested $1.65 Billion Dollars to acquire it in 2006? (Source: What steps can Google take (or is currently taking) in order to benefit from that investment?

Understanding Socio-Technical Phenomena in a Web2.0 Era:

  • The critics and skeptics of Web 2.0 refer to it as Bubble 2.0, reflecting their belief that this trend will expire at some point, (similarly to how Web 1.0 expired). Does this skepticism have validity? If Web 2.0 does expire, what sort of trends will take its place?

Riding the Waves of Web 2.0:

  • Given the fact that Web 2.0 is defined by the people as a reflection of their needs and interests, will it ever be possible to have a defining definition of Web 2.0 and a delineation of its characteristics? What will happen if a new service/website/product emerges that challenges these characteristics, or steps outside their mold?



2 responses

2 09 2009
Maria Hernandez

Hello Sergio,

I found your question of whether or not Web 2.0 will expire at some point quite interesting. I predict that new web application trends will follow. What we know today as Web 2.0 will also change dramatically in the next ten years. The change will not necessarily be in the sharing, collaboration, and networking applications but more in the technologies used to facilitate user participation.

2 09 2009

Yeah. I agree with you, it will be very hard to fully define Web 2.0 because it’s all about following trends and discovering new things. Because of this I don’t think Web 2.0 will expire. But rather it will continue to redefine itself.

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