Questions for September 17th, 2009

16 09 2009
  • Groudswell
    • Chapter 4–How potentially damaging could it be for a company to launch the wrong type of Ground Swell initiative? Can they be able to restore their online presence to a more beneficial initiative?
    • Chapter 6–What role, if any, does PR play in approaching the middle sections of the marketing tunnel?
  • New Rules
    • Chapter 5–Scott mentioned the fact that when he polls people only 20-30% of them are familiar with blogging. If such a small percentage of people are familiar with blogging, then why is it so influential?
    • Chapter 16–What other strategies, besides offering interviews with a company’s CEO, can be effective to reach out to bloggers and the media?
    • Chapter 17–Should companies have different sets of ethical guidelines for social media outlets, as opposed to traditional marketing and PR outlets?



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