My name is Sergio Castaneda. I currently attend the University of Illinois at Chicago. I will be receiving my Bachelor’s degree in Communication in May of 2010.  As shown in my resume I am a student with an exemplary GPA and a broad understanding of the way that communication works. My potential career interests include working in the field of Public Relations. Just recently I have also become interested in exploring options in social media as a possible career path. Next semester I will be able to further explore both of these career options via two different avenues. I will be working as a Social Media Intern with The Media Consortium. My duties with them will range from maintaining their blog updates as well as using their Facebook and Twitter pages to reach their audience. Additionally, my understanding of the field of Public Relations will be further expanded via an independent study research that I will be undertaking under the guidance of Sharon Meraz.

My background and experiences make me an excellent candidate for any prospective employers. I am an energetic person who is quick to learn and adapt to different environments. My coursework in Communication has given me the necessary skills for understanding and applying the process of communication in many different situations. I have a solid understanding of how communication works from interpersonal, to organizational levels and in all aspects of the media. I have also become proficient in conducting research related to communication. In addition throughout my collegiate career I have always strived to maintain a balance between my full-time studies and part-time jobs. Through this I have acquired a strong work ethic, accountability and the aptitude to handle both school and work demands while excelling at both. I look forward to being able to use what I learned from my studies as well as my previous work experience and applying it to create a fruitful job or internship experience with any company.


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28 11 2009

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