Why is Social Media Important?

10 03 2010

This blog started out as an assignment for my Communication 491 class-a Seminar In Social Media and Communication.

The content and focus of this blog will now switch gears. I want to be able to join in the conversations that are happening out there in regards to Social Media. Social media is now an important aspect of society, both on the online as well as the offline world. It has also become an important aspect for the lives of many people.

As someone who one day wishes to work in this field, and boy do I have a number of dream companies I would like to work for in mind, I want to be able to study this phenomenon in more detail.

So this will now be the focus of my blog. I’m excited to see where the ever-changing world of social media will take us. For now I leave you with this video, that shows just how significant this phenomenon is:


The Culmination Of Communication 491

30 11 2009

Final Project:


  1. This is my blog
  2. My Blog’s template picture came from my Flick PhotoSet
  3. More than half of the discussion questions have been posted here, as well as on Twitter.


  1. I have used my Twitter to post class questions and content. The widget linking to that content is also visible on this page.

Multimedia Piece

  1. My Multimedia piece was a combination of both photo and video blogging combined into a video resume.
  2. This video resume has been posted to my YouTube feed, as well as to this blog. (See previous posting)

Other Content That Must Be Part of the Assignment

  1. My Resume has been added to this blog.
  2. My Introductory statement has been posted to this page.

Final Project-Video Resume

25 11 2009

Questions for December 1st, 2009

22 11 2009

Chapter 11- Will a lot of companies be willing to spend the time, money and effort needed to run initiatives like this for their employees?


Chapter 12- Should companies develop new social technologies for their Ground Swell initiatives, or should they stick to popular, well-established sites? (ShoeTube vs. YouTube)

Question for November 23rd, 2009

22 11 2009

Chapter 10-

Is it possible to fix a badly started Ground Swell initiative?

Questions for November 19th, 2009

19 11 2009

Tipping Point-What are the conditions that will cause Twitter to reach a “Tipping Point” and reach a broader status. Is that happening now?

Chapter 12-Would a mix of goobledygook and jargon laden press-releases work best to create news releases that are both professional and approachable in tone?

Chapter 13-What are some ways to target/tailor a website to the different amounts of buyer personnas out there?

Questions for November 5th, 2009

4 11 2009

Inside World– Do you agree with the notion that web traffic will no longer be steady, but rather based on news and “buzz”?

Beyond Blogs- Twitter’s long term archival capabilities are not as good as blogs’. How can this be addressed?

PR. 2.0- What kinds of applications/services/pages can make use of Twitter’s API?

ADD- While it’s true that there is plenty of meaningful content out there, the rest contributes to wasting time. Does the small amount of positive content outweigh the negative?

Brief History- Can any meaningful information be shared with less than 140 characters? (nanoblogging)